sonia linebaugh’s book


The Divine Mother Must Answer

Chapter 1 ~ Excerpt

Getting There

     As we’re about to board the train in Frankfurt, Germany, we discover that the tickets read Nuremberg. An English-speaking woman overhears our dismay, and talks to the conductor who says, “Go ahead and get on. You can exchange the tickets at the Limburg station.” Dazed, we jump on the train.

     At Limburg, the ticket master speaks English, and we exchange the tickets without difficulty. We also learn that the last train to Frickhofen, our destination, is about to leave and there won’t be another this Easter weekend. We run to the track and jump aboard, arriving in the tiny village with no sign of a taxi and a single agent who speaks no English.

     We wander the main street to the only hotel to find the door is locked. When we ring the bell, a young woman tells us in English that they’re closed for Easter weekend. She calls a place in another village for us and points out our route.

     As we walk along the quaint, narrow road with our heavy bags and our jet lag, at the last house in Frickhofen, we see a sign with a bed on it and a woman just getting out of a car. I open my traveler’s guide, “Haben Sie ein Zimmer frei?” “Ja.” We settle gratefully into an upstairs room with a view of Mother Meera’s village of Thalheim across lush green fields.


Sonia Linebaugh