Mother Meera

lessons of Silence


   The adventure

started in 1992 with an outdated magazine article with a stamp sized photo with eyes that wouldn’t let me go. I sent a letter asking Mother Meera to help me get to Germany to see her. Six months later I took a flight, got  tickets for the wrong train, and found a German village shut down for a long Easter weekend.

None of that mattered when I sat at Mother Meera’s feet and watched her transform person after person by touching their head and looking in their eyes. Not a word was spoken.

Mother Meera revealed to me more love than I’d ever experienced. I knew I would have to see her again. More...

Mother Meera’s Lessons of Silence

I was looking for silence and light. In Mother Meera’s eyes, I found silence, light, and lessons in living.

  1. Be as spontaneous and open as a child.

  2. Live fully in the world while remembering the Divine.

  3. Ask for everything. Everything!

  4. There is nothing to avoid—happiness, difficulties, fun.

  5. Dark and light moods are as normal as the seasons.

  6. Go beyond attachment to particular spiritual experiences.

Sonia Linebaugh

 The Divine Mother’s face of love permeates everything that happens. 
The full story is in my book, At the Feet of Mother Meera: The Lessons of Silence. 
LATEST NEWS! When Mother Meera is not traveling, or at her school and children’s home in India, she gives darshan Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Schaumburg, Germany. Darshan is Mother Meera’s gift to the world. It is given free, but reservations are required. Mother’s complete darshan schedule and reservation information is at http://www.mothermeeradarshan.org.
We hope Mother will come to the USA in 2013, but no dates are currently scheduled.http://www.mothermeeradarshan.org/shapeimage_8_link_0